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The Canticle of canticles

Biblical text allotted to Solomon slightly adapted for the needs for the site Marco Polo.
Extracts borrowed from the version of the Bible of Jerusalem.
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Erotic texts to be read as the Bible is read also.


Kiss me of kisses from your mouth.

Your love will be more delicious to me than wine;

The flavour of your perfumes is exquisite; your name is an oil which pours out, this is why as many young virgins love you.
Run together, take me on your couch!
Embrace me, like a king, in your bed; you will be my joy and my elation.

We will celebrate our loves more than wine; how it will be good to love each other!
I am black and beautiful as such,
girl fom Jerusalem,

as are the tents of Qedar, and as much, the pavilions of Salma.

Do not pay attention to my dark complexion because I am burned by the sun.

My brothers lose their temper against me, they made me captive of the vines.
But my own vine, I kept it for you, sacrificed already!
Tell me, you that my heart loves so much:

Where will you carry your herd out to feed, where will you make it sleep, at midday?
So that then, I do not wander any more such a vagabond,
close to the herds of your brothers.

If you are unaware of it, O! the most beautiful of the girls, follow the traces of my herd,
and carry out to feed your kids, close to the domicile of the shepherds.
Your cheeks are enbellished by pendentive, and your neck immersed in collars.
We will make for you, hangings of gold and globes of silver.

While the king sleeps in his bed,
my nard lavishes my perfume to him.

My beloved is a sachet of myrrh, which rests between my denuded bosoms.

My beloved is like a bunch of cypre,
hung from the vines of En-Gaddi.

How beautiful you are, O! my beloved sister, how beautiful are you! Your eyes are like doves.
How beautiful are you, my beloved king, how delicious you are! Our bed is like the greenery.

The roofs of our residence are made of cedar, our skirtings of cypress.

Marco Polo ou le voyage imaginaire (Interprétation de la Bible, 2000) © 2000 Marco Polo
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