Antic Myths

erotic trans-positions

These pages contains legends inspired by the classic mythology.
The myths presented, are a free interpretation of the creations by authors of the antiquity from Greece and Rome such as the metamorphosis by Ovide;
those myths are partially reused, modified or reinteprate to adapt them to the conditions of this millenium and to the style of the author.
The myths chosen, are erotic in substance and illustrated with explicit images borrowed to the archives of the web and voluntary corrupted by the author.

Content erotic in subtance, to read under the supervision of your prefered muse.


The origin of the New-World: the flood of fire, steel and blood.

The raping of Europa by Zeus metamorphosed into a bull

The night of love of the virgin of Phaestos or Iphis metamorphosed into a boy

Pyrame and Thisbe, the despaired lovers of Babylonia

The incestuous love of Mirrha for her father

The wedding of Psyche with the monster

The singular love of Pygmalion for an ivory doll

Salmacis and Atlantis or the birth of Hermaphrodite

The ultimate victory of Atalante over the male Hero

The possessive love of Venus is causing the death of the beautiful Adonis

The adulterous love of Jupiter for Io, the pretty heifer.

Paris reserved for himself the most beautiful among the goddesses of the Olympia.

Daphné, the first love of Apollon.

The incestuous dreams of Byblis.

The nymph Pomone and the prick of Vertumne the pious God.


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