The raping of Europa by Zeus
metamorphosed into a bull


"They called Me Zeus I do not know what to do in this Olympia and I am bored Hera, My wife, who is very jealous Is occupied at futile tasks " " And I scan the earth from above This immense and beautiful earth I created And where I planted for My only pleasure Ferns, Flowers, Fruits, Flesh and Females. " " Among this spring flowering My senses, which knows it too well, are agitated: Three girls from Tyr, all white and young, mooves around; They are three fruits or virgins to be devoured" Europa, who is the youngest of the three That night, made a charming dream Not that of a God who came to make love to her, But three incontinent continents. They disputed her favours; Asia its supposed progenitor, Africa with so eloquent attributes, And this Other without a name from whom she would enjoy From an eternal adolescence. Europa wake up early at dawn, Liberated, at the same time, from sleep Than of dreams that sometimes agitates the spirit of mortals; She alerts her sisters for who knows What adventure in the flowery meadows, A place favored by these beauties, along the sea To pick up flowers there, and to bathe naked in the sea Or to attrack the flames of some solitary Adonis. But I am called Zeus and I hold all the powers To change Myself into a bull To approach the divine Europa The only one of the three, who stirs My sexual appetites Thus, not to wake up the suspicions of Hera Too occupied at domestic tasks. I was there, Superb In My dress of bull pretending to graze But smelling with my muzzle the transparent scarves Of the naked beauties who were stiring in the sea; One could have said, careless Naïads, I was disturbed and My senses knew it That gave volume to My reproductive organ They saw Me Initially frightened then quickly reassured In front of My general attitude of well educated bull; They approached seeking to tame Me, Forgetting that I could enjoy without limit From their provocative nudity And benefit from My power to rape them. But My name is Zeus And although Libertine, I am all the same, honest Player And it is Europa that I want Although I would not be displease To let her sisters profit also of Me Her naive sisters who decorates with flowery garlands, My horns, As to probe My hidden intentions; But it is Europa that I want And I roll myself on the grass to attract her in my traps Her venturous sisters with their virginal hands, cherishes My breast As if I was only a big cat; But it is Europa that I love, And I approach Myself to seize her and to make love to her Her impudent sisters stimulate, with their nimble fingers, My arrogant penis As to overcome My last intrenchments; But it is Europa that I want to undertake, And I offer My back to her, to better rapt her, And Europa to invite her sisters to horseride Me: " Because, I am sure, he could carry us all; And he seems so soft, so nice to see; He resembles more to a man than to a bull Except that he does not speaks. Careless, she tights herself to My back and I rapt her so Without her, being able to defend herself; And her sisters, anxious to make the trip Had not the time to branch up to Me; I will rapt her as far as it must be necessary to love her without restriction. Provided with the vast powers of Zeus, It was a child's game to bring her over the Egean sea, To fly over the waves and all these marine Deities Who greeted us passing by: Nereids in full orgasm overlapping over-excited dolphins, Sirens fornicating with sailors, victims of their charms, The Daugters of Doris whose naked bodies merged with the lichen of the rocks, And Poseidon, My own brother, adulterous to the nymphomaniac Amphitrite. Europa was frightened by this agitated sea, These marine creatures, that she believed, to be monsters; With one hand she clutched herself to My horns and with the other, She raised her skirt to avoid wetting it. And the winds inflated their folds As on a boat, the sail that makes it sail carefully; And I looked, with a licentious eye, this naked flesh clutched to My body, I could not prevent My spirit to deflower her, While seeking to apease her, I calmed the tempestuous humors of Ocean. And she thougth: "It could not be a bull, To master like that the elements, But certainly one of these lubricious Gods Searching for an adventure without tomorrow." And she prays Me not to abandon her in these inhospitable countries, And I reassured her showing her that I was Zeus and that I detained all the powers, That of rapting her in My island of Crete, Over there, where I was born, protected, just at birth, by My mother, From the angers of My terrible father, To love her, to make love to her without restriction and to give her: "Daugthers, glorious sons, whose sceptres Would exercise their despotic power On all the mortals of this earth That we call Europa."

Marco Polo or the imaginary journey (Mythologies, translated august 2000) © 1999 Jean-Pierre
Ovide, the metamorphosis, and the paintings of the great-masters, music by Yokubota.


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