The incestuous dreams of Byblis.


Byblis is laying down, naked, on her couch, She is tormented and agitated And makes her body, trembling By slipping her fingers on her breasts On her belly and along her solar plexus; Then she caresses the lips of her vulva And penetrates herself lengthily While groaning with dolour More than of pleasure. Byblis seems tormented By nightmares Or from pretty dreams which she maintains this way To mislead her carnal desires; She gives herself some pleasure at night Whereas she suffers martyrdom when awake. Byblis dreams That it is him who penetrates her this way, That these are his fingers which excavate At the most deepness of her vulva, That it is Caunus who rape her this way, The beautiful Caunus who is her brother And whom she loves more than a brother Of a love that could not be between brother and sister. Byblis and Caunus are twins Borned from Cyanee the daughter of Meandre; They resembles each other And are of a marvellous beauty; Byblis is involved into a violent desire For her brother Caunus, Who is more beautiful than his grandfather Apollon, She loves him not as a sister for her brother Nor in the way how she should. She adorns herself with jewels to see him While worrying to appear always beautiful And if some more beautiful woman than herself Is there with her brother She is jealous of her, Like a wife towards her husband Or a misled mistress. She loves her brother Caunus Of a love that could not be between sister and brother. At the beginning, Byblis is ignorant of the feeling That she maintains for this brother, She does not think she is making a mistake Because she unites, too often Her lips with his And that she surrounds of her arms The neck of her brother; She is this way, deceived by misleading appearances Of an affection which seems legitimate to her, But little by little this love deviates And in her heart, It is a boiling of carnal passion Which wakes up. She hates being call, sister And she prefers that he calls her Byblis She does not call him anymore my brother And rather says my Master, She avoids all that can let believe That he is her brother and that she is his sister. Awaked, she does not dare yet Let her spirit sherish Any shameless hopes, She is discrete and she avoids letting appears What afflicts her heart. Often in her sleep She sees what she loves Whereas she is united with her brother, But when waking up She reddens with shame about it; She looks back at the image of whom Who visited her sleep And is astonished to see there, the image of her brother. And unhappy she says to herself: "What this vision tells me In the silence of the night And how much I would like to love him If he were not my brother? But I am her sister And I do not want, awaked, Commit nothing like that." "But I have such pleasure to remember myself From the pleasure of my nights From the pleasure on my couch And of the shivers at the most deepness of my flesh, That I pray for these too short dreams To visit me again every night." "How I would like, Caunus Change my name to be able to unite myself to you; The gods are more favoured Them, whom have possessed their sisters!" "How would I like to perish Instead of commit this fault, So that dead, Caunus my brother Would lavish my corpse with his kisses!" "And if it were him who, at first, Had felt in love for me, Perhaps could I, without sinning, Give up to his heats?" "How I would like to declare my love to him But shame prevents me from speaking! Perhaps a letter, secretly Would do better, the consent of my hidden heats for Him?" Byblis is allured by this idea, She then writes a letter to her brother Which she let her maidservant deposit beside him, And which is read as follows: "How ashame I am to give you my name! I did everything to cure myself Of my insane heat But I am overcomed and forced to acknowledge it And from you only can come, Salvation or the loss of whom who loves you." "It is a woman who speaks to you that way And not a sister so close to you That she wishes being it more And unite herself to you like a husband. The embraces, the kisses, the tenderness That we exchange under the cover of fraternal affection Hides a more profound love And what is lacking to our union." "Take in pity whom who loves you And whose passion has reached the paroxysm Constrains her to declare to you, this bold love; I do not deserve, Caunus, by your refusal, That you would be the author of my death." The anger of Caunus is immense By reading the letter of his sister, He takes is revenge with the messenger And suddenly he rapes her. Filled with shame, he ignore the feelings of Byblis. Caunus decides to flee his fatherland. Instead of killing his sister He believes he will kill the desire on her, He goes away on a foreign country Lays the foundations of less sacrilege relations. It was said that the daughter of Miletus Was plunged into despair And that she lost the reason; Taken by fury She tored her dress and discovered her breast And she wounded of blows her body, Then she gave up her fatherland To follow the traces of her fugitive brother, She was not seen back since, in the country of her father. Byblis is laying down, naked, on her couch, She is tormented and agitated, And he does not cease making her body, trembling By slipping his fingers on her breasts On her belly and along her solar plexus Then he embraces the lips of her vulva And he lengthily penetrates her By making her groan with pleasure More than of love. They met the day before In a bulge of the country of Cariens, And they copulated during all night, Then they rested after the effort And she asked him his name: "My name is Caunus and you?" And Byblis says to him: ", Strange, I had a brother, But my memory is not very faithful I believe that his name was also Caunus For myself, my name is Byblis." By hearing these words, Caunus leaves Byblis precipitately Without never giving her the reason, And no one has ever seen him since. Did it never come to the mind of Byblis That night, how she shared her couch With this so much loved brother? Byblis does not cease to accommodate the offerings Of the adventurous males who wanders indolent By the regions of Limyre, of Lycie or Cragos She then closes her eyes and she imagines That she nourishes herself with the bewitched sperm of Caunus. "Thus girls, I tell you this, Dream, close your eyes, enjoy and make love But retain from the story of Byblis To limit yourself Only to allowed loves."

Marco Polo or the imaginary journey (Mythologies, translated august 2000) © 1999 Jean-Pierre Lapointe
Ovide, the metamorphosis, and the paintings of the great-masters, music by Yokubota.


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