Poetic itineraries
Erotic and sentimental poetry.

These pages contains erotic and sentimental poetry, poems written during my youth and some more recent poetry.
An imaginary journey made of poems, images and music. A poetry that tell of women, of dreams, of melancolia, of solitude, of suicide; poetic journeys and imaginary adventures, with fragemented images of naked women.
Musical theme on synthetiser: "Storm on the China Sea"; a creation by the author of the site.

These poems are illustrated with images of erotic caracter to be viewed under the guidance of an open-minded adult.


Poetic itiniraries: [I dream of women] / [Dream women] / [Asteroids women] carnal journeys

Poetic [Baisers cochons] piggeries

[Solitude] sentimental journeys [Solitudes]

[Suicide] journeys on the unknown [The road]

[The soldier's dream] perilous journeys [The doors of hell]

[My twenties] journeys of an anterior past [The uncertain country]

The uncertain country[Parcelles de femmes / Fragments of women]

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