Missal of prayers
erotic prayers

This missal contains erotic prayers written with my blood over the fragile flesh of crucified virgin
Immolated for the Verb to become flesh and to liberate the Male Soul in dolor from any impure thought.
Those prayers are recitated in Latin, the sole language that could express the mystical dimension of the
Mystery That accompany this virginal Sacrifice to the altar of Divine Love. The prayers of the Missal are accompanied by Cantatas of Bach.
This exercice is of an artistic and poetic nature and has no meaning to offend anyone.
Nevertheless, its erotic caracter made it non-suitable for consumption by minors or any one who beliebe to be one.

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Missal of erotic prayers dedicated to the only followers no more in the Middle-Age.


0- God, Yahveh, Allah, America...
God, if you are a God of Love, Why then do you carry a Kalashnikov over your shoulder?
1- Stabat Mater Dolorosa
Prayers in Latin, Stabet Mater written from my blood over the body of crucified virgin.
2- Allah Akbar
Prayers with arabic sounds singing the vailed beauty of virgins waiting for the opening of the Kingdom of Allah.
3- Ora pronobis
To pray her has it should, here is a prayer in Latin to the one that appear and disappear suddenly.
4- Ave Maris Stella
Prayer to the Virgin, the Ave Maris Stella is dedicated here, to the pure but denuded virgo.
5- Adoro ted devotÚ
Prayer in Latin and in its free translation in french and english, to be recited during the act of Love before and after the orgasm.
6- Verbo Caro panem verum
Prayers for virgin whose rewards are plantifull to those who pray and love them.
7- Psaume pour une Vierge noire
Prayer like an echo, the psalm of an abysinian virgin escaped from one of the burried temple of Axum.
8- Asperges me
Long prayer of love which we cannot say who, of the lover or the Virgin should recite it.
9- Ave noctis corpus
Prayers written over the tanned flesh of black virgin offering themselves for the redemption of the sins of adventurous males.
10- Ave Maria Gratia Plena
Prayers for virgin whose rewards are abondant and generous.
11- Benedicta et Venerabilis
Prayers to the loveliest among the virgin, asiatic virgin, christian virgin, tantric or kama-sutra virgo.
12- De profundis clamavi ad Te
Prayers to virgin as inspiring for love than for praying.

Marco Polo or the imaginary journey (Missal of erotic prayers 1999) ę 1999 Marco Polo


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