Adoro ted devoté

This page contains prayers in Latin and in their free translation in English.

I adore you on my knees, Virgin, sitting denuded in front of me, my heart completely submits itself to you, because, while contemplating you, I feel weakened. I praise you and I exult in your flesh, I melt into your flesh, I moan and I cry. Let me, sweet virgin, spray your bed with my tears.

This erotic prayer to be read under the protection of a naked Virgo.


I adore you kneeling Virgo, seating denuded in front of me. My heart is submitted to you, Because contemplating you, il is already fainting.

Exult me, I am your refuge. Tear me away from those who surround me. Exsulto me and refugium teum, érue has me Circumdantibus me. I get tired in my groan. Laborami In gemitu meo. Wash my bed all nights of your tears, spray my couch with your tears. Lavabis per singulas noctes, lacrymis meis, stratum meum rigabo.

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